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Silicone Catcher Tray

Silicone Catcher Tray

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Introducing the Silicone Catcher Tray: Elevate, Protect, Simplify!

WHY YOU NEED IT: Elevate your kitchen and bathroom with the Silicone Catcher Tray – a perfect blend of style, function, and cleanliness.

 ADVANCED WATER DRAINAGE SYSTEM: Say goodbye to pooled water! Our tray's drainage design ensures a dry counter and mat.

A PERFECT FIT: Custom-designed to nestle perfectly on your countertop, this tray doesn’t just serve a purpose; it elevates the entire look of your sink area.


SAY GOODBYE TO WATER SPLASHES: Keep those unsightly watermarks at bay. The Silicone Catcher Tray safeguards your counters against accidental splashes or spills.

EASY CLEANING: The days of scrubbing stubborn water spots or dealing with moldy fabric mats are over. Our tray is a breeze to clean. A quick rinse, and you're done!


VERSATILE USE: While it's a star near the sink, this tray is universal. Use it in your bathroom to hold toiletries or in the kitchen as a neat holder for sponges, soaps, and brushes.


Revamp your space with the Silicone Catcher Tray — where form meets function. Experience the difference!


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