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Choosing Your First Outdoor Barbeque Grill

Choosing Your First Outdoor Barbeque Grill

When purchasing your first grill, you have thousands of options. It may seem overwhelming, but knowing the difference between each type of grill can help you make an easier decision.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are among the most used types of grills. They utilize charcoal and lighter fluid to heat and cook food. Charcoal grills come in all shapes and sizes and vary in cost.

Charcoal requires you to buy charcoal and lighter fluid each time you cook with it, and it must also be cleaned out each time.

Charcoal grills are small and ideal for apartment dwellers or people with tiny homes. Once you have used your charcoal grill, you can clean it and store it away.

Propane Grills

Propane grills are also helpful for someone in small areas since they can come in smaller sizes.

Propane grills use propane gas to cook food. If you want to cook foods quickly while maintaining a grilled flavor, consider Propane grills.

Natural Gas Grills

Natural gas grills are more complicated than smaller ones and require more room. They are meant to hook up directly to your home's natural gas line and can cook meat in record time.

Smoker Grills

Smoker Grills are used when flavor is the number one priority. They use wood to slow-cook meat, and different types of wood can control the flavor.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Your First Grill

When you purchase your first grill, consider a couple of factors. Remember, each type of grill has advantages and disadvantages, so you must weigh your options and decide what is right for you.


Barbeque grills can range from extremely cheap to costly, depending on the type and features available.

If you are looking for a cheaper grill, consider a charcoal grill. While larger charcoal grills are available, smaller grills can be purchased at your local department store for as little as $10 to $15. Propane grills are slightly more expensive, starting at around 100 dollars. A smoker grill costs more than a propane grill at about $130 each. Natural gas grills are on the higher end of the cost. Typically, these types of grills start at about $300. Multiple fuel grills are the most expensive at about $450 and up. Multiple fuel grills allow you to use one or a combination of fuels.


If you are concerned with flavor, your first choice should be a charcoal or smoker grill. Both of these grills allow you to replicate an authentic smoked flavor. Smokers are especially nice because you can also control the flavor by changing the type of wood or wood chips you use. This is good if you want to slow-cook your meat. If you want to cook something quicker, stick with the charcoal grill. A charcoal grill will cook quickly if you like it, too, and it will still have a good smoked taste.


Finally, consider the space you have available. When your grill is not in use, you must have a proper place to store it. Charcoal and Propane grills are ideal for smaller areas such as apartments and city homes. If you have ample space, consider the more extensive options.

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